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  • What is a TREASURE •

We get this question a lot!  A treasure is a twist on my son's security item: a crocheted pot holder from the 1960s that his great grandmother made. We were going through old boxes when he found it. He immediately snuggled up to it! 3 years later, he is attached to it and still sleeps with his treasure every single night.

  • What makes the TREASURE different •

Our treasure isn’t an ordinary lovey or security blanket for a baby or child.  The waffle gauze material is unique as it is made with extra cotton to make it more absorbent than a muslin swaddle.  The weaving of the waffle gauze provides a different tactile experience. Providing sensory experiences for children is beneficial to their overall development.  The waffle material is a texture that little ones love to rub on their cheeks for comfort and while providing sensory input.

  • Benefits  •

- provides comfort in unfamiliar environments (drop off at childcare/ separation anxiety when caregiver isn’t around)

- familiar object during new experiences (while traveling/medical procedure)

- tactile and sensory experiences 

- makes bedtime routine more enjoyable 

- creates a homelike atmosphere for NICU and PICU babes

As a company, we believe in the safety of your precious little ones and the peace of mind for you, so we encourage caregivers to use caution with allowing toys and bedding in a child's crib or bed.  Please consult your baby's physician and the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe sleep practices.